Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Happy 3 Month Old

Wow! All I can say is time sure flies. Lenna turned 3 months old yesterday. I would have posted pictures yesterday but we were having too much fun. Since it has been warm outside Lenna loves this weather. She loves being outside in her stroller for naps & long walks. Yesterday she went in her Baby Bjorn all the way to Grandpa Lenny's and back (for those of you who haven't been to our place, its about 1/2 mile away). Here are some milestones of Lenna from the past 2 weeks:

Since we had such a busy weekend the weekend prior we decided to have a laid back Easter. We had brunch at Triple R in Kimball, and look who showed up? The Easter bunny. Lenna got a picture and didn't freak out.

Ok, ok, followers, you are probably like "where are the bath photos?" well, here is one. Lenna loves her baths.

Lenna loves her bumbo chair and her puppy Sarge. He was funny and made her laugh and I finally caught 1/2 of her beautiful smile that we have seen so much of lately (except for capturing it on camera :)) Tonight we caught Lenna pulling Sarge's tail. He's definitely desensitized to children now!

Lenna was teasing Sarge, ha ha I'm in your spot (under strict supervision) because that is where Sarge normally sits.

On Saturday, Lenna got ready for her first horse expo in St. Cloud, cowboy boots and all. Her cousin Amber joined us and it was a fun girls day.