Sunday, February 28, 2010

Great Grandma Helen's 80th Birthday Party

Lenna's Great-Grandmother Helen turned 80 this week and it was celebrated with a nice party. Lenna got to meet many relatives and extended relatives and she was the 'littlest' person at the party.

Here she is with Great Grandma:

Uncle Pat:

Great Aunt Linda and her daughter Nicole:

Nicole's daughters Brianna and Jocelyn

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lenna's 'Wild' Rides

Another weekend is here already, wow! Lenna I had another laid back week. We spent it by watching the Olympics, cleaning out my closet, and going to the mall. Three more weeks from Monday and I go back to work. Daddy's still working at the Twin's stadium for at least another week.

Lenna did have some 'wild' times this week. Her Grandpa Lenny has a power chair to go to auctions and locations where he has to do a lot of walking. Recently he got new batteries for his chair. He likes to keep his chair at our house to give his Granddaughter rides. Here is a photo of Lenna and him:

Our dog Sarge has not had the greatest time in his dog life sharing our attention with Lenna but he is warming up to her. Lenna took another 'wild' ride on Sargie boy. Sarge actually hung out and had fun for a while.

Monday, February 22, 2010

6 Weeks Already

Lenna is already 6 weeks old. Time does go quite fast when they are little but we are enjoying it. Lenna slept as if we were at home in the hotel on Sunday night. Daddy had to work during the day so Mommy and Lenna enjoyed the rest of the walking the skyways in Minneapolis for a little while (we did stand out a little with a stroller when everyone was in suites there but oh well :)). We also had to stop by my office to introduce Lenna to everyone at CSM and have lunch. Check out how big Lenna has gotten, compare her at 6 weeks to when she was 2 days old.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

CSM Skating Party & First Night Away from Home

Tonight we are staying at The Depot Minneapolis and it is our first evening away from home with Lenna (we'll let you know how the sleep goes later). My employer CSM Corporation held a skating party at their indoor skating rink at the Depot for all associates. Tony and I decided it would be a good time to get Lenna used to staying somewhere else besides home and Lenna and I plan to hang out tomorrow at the hotel while Daddy goes to work.

Lenna got bundled up and got to enjoy the view of the ice skating:

Everyone I worked with who was here adored meeting Lenna. Rebecca and Michael are pictured holding her:

Beumer Benefit

Tony, Lenna, Grandpa Lenny and I went to the breakfast for Kaisha Beumer at the Watkins Village Hall. Kaisha is a little girl from Watkins who has some serious health issues who will attend daycare with Lenna when she gets better. Although we don't know the Beumer's personally, I'm sure we will be seeing them a lot in the future when our daughters get older. Click here to learn more about Kaisha

Here are some photos of Lenna we took this morning:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Lenna was absolutely adorable today for Valentines day. Thanks to Aunt Shannon for the bib and Shelly for the "1st Valentines outfit".
This is one of my favorite pics we have taken of her:

She's smiling so much now!
She was still "festive" when we got got her jammies on:

Thanks Grandma Sue for the "Date Night"

Yesterday Grandma Sue came over to babysit for Tony and my first "date night" away from Lenna. Tony and I went out to eat and were gone for whopping 4 hours. It was fun to get away but we were glad to get home. Grandma was glad too I think, this is what she said about babysitting: "Grandma Sue had a good time with Lenna also, but realizes she is getting old!!!" Either way, we thank her for coming over and look forward to many times of Grandma watching/spoiling Lenna.
Here is a photo of Mommy & Daughter before we got away:

10 lbs 12 oz !!!

On Friday, Feb 12, the Meeker County RN stopped by for a routine visit to all of the new babies in the county. She brought a scale with and Lenna is weighing 10 lbs, 12 oz now! Wow - she is getting soooooo big. We heart our big girl.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy 1 Month Old Birthday Little Lenna

Happy 1 Month Old Birthday Lenna! Lenna has grown to be such a big girl and is so much fun.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowy Super Bowl Weekend

This weekend Lenna's Uncle Tim came from Chicago for a visit and some snowmobiling and stayed overnight. While Tim was here, Aunt Shannon stopped by to visit for a while and meet Lenna as well. They both enjoyed meeting their new niece.
Our friends Brad & Colleen also swung over yesterday to meet Lenna.
Grandma Sue swung over as well, but I think Lenna was a bit sleepy when she was holding her.
I'm not sure how intently we will be watching the super bowl game today, but might put it on in the background. We are hoping the snow doesn't get too bad because Lenna and I planned to go have lunch tomorrow with my co-workers at CSM.
I think all of us here at the T&T Ranch are getting spring fever. I was excited to get training set up for our horses Benny and Gus and and getting back in the saddle again. Benny is leaving March 1 and Gus is leaving April 1. Tony is busy finishing up some tile work in our house. He is getting the beautiful tile medallion done in our foyer and we have tile in some of our bathrooms to finish. I will post some pics when it is done. Last weekend Tony decided to buy a 67' Chevrolet Pickup. It is originally from down south so it isn't too rusted and is in good shape. I think he's getting spring fever to start working in the shed on some of his projects.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy 3 Week Old Birthday Little Lenna

Lenna is 3 weeks old today. She is really starting to get a personality and we love all the funny facial expressions and noises she makes. Thanks to Uncle Chumly she is sticking her tongue out much more too. Lenna enjoys hanging out with her "Pet-Brother" Sarge more, as you can see below. They also both like using me as a pillow:
Uncle Chumly, Lenna and I also went to Manhatten Toy to visit Grandma Sue and all of her co-workers just loved Lenna and it was difficult to get my baby back after that visit! Here is a pic of Grandma Sue, Lenna, Sarge and I taken last weekend:

'Little' Visitors

Lenna had some little visitors this past weekend. She got to meet Al & Shelly's daughters Callie and Josie and spend some time with them. The girls are too cute and loved holding Lenna.

Amanda (not pictured) also brought her daughter Eva and my Niece Kerry over for a visit and they enjoyed holding Lenna as well.