Friday, April 30, 2010

Lenna's 3 Month Photos

Last Wednesday night we had Lenna's 3 month photos taken by Amanda at Garding Photography. Amanda posted some of her favorite pictures on Garding Photography's facebook page. Hopefully you are able to open this link. If not, I will be getting permission from her to post some pictures once I decide on what to order. They are all so cute! Most of the time when we have a camera around Lenna, she will always smile after you put the camera down, but Amanda was able to capture her grin in a few.!/photo.php?pid=3942462&id=93372449772

Here are some other facts about Lenna:
  • We started a bedtime routine with Lenna from day one that she was home that we would get swaddled and be put in her crib. Once she was swaddled at night she would go to bed right away 90% of the time and then the other 10% she would maybe need her nuk to sleep. She typically still wakes once a night because she's hungry but then I feed her and it takes less than 15 minutes to be up with her and she's back in her crib asleep. Last Monday night when Lenna woke up I found her on her belly screaming! I was a little freaked out, as she was still swaddled and didn't have use of her arms to push herself up. Well, Tony and I decided now that she is rolling over from back to belly it is time to stop swaddling her, there goes our routine. Then on Tuesday night we put her to bed and swaddled her under her arms. She was up twice! Then Wednesday night she slept straight thru until I woke up in the morning to get ready for work and last night she only woke up for her normal feeding. So, to make a long story short, she is no longer being swaddled any more, such a big girl!
  • Lenna doesn't have much interest in her nuk right now. As you can see in the 3 month pictures, her hand is her best friend. Well, that is why we started giving her a nuk. Anyhow, it just goes to show you can't control what these little babies decide they want to do. She's still cute even when I hear this huge sucking sound in the back seat and get her out of the car and she's got her whole hand in her mouth!
  • Lenna's favorite toys have been her taggy blanket and some other toys from Manhatten Toy that Grandma Sue bought her. How convenient that Grandma Sue works for a toy company.

A quick update on Lenna's Grandpa Frank. He is doing much better and they have lowered his pain medication. Grandpa Frank may not be able to lift Lenna when we got visit because she's more than 10 lbs but he is ready to spoil her! Yeah, to Frank doing well during his recovery.

It's Lenna's Grandpa Lenny's 65th birthday today. I took a picture of Lenna with her Grandpa this morning before she went to daycare and will be sure to post it as soon as I get it uploaded.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quick update on Lenna

Lenna's using a walker!!!!!! She is going to be off in college before we know it. Tony and I were just talking about getting Lenna a walker and the next day she was in one at daycare. Doreen noticed yesterday that Lenna was starting to scoot around in her walker. In order to not feel like we have been left out, we purchased a walker this evening for Lenna and let her try it out. So far so good. She likes the big space on the tile floor and only has 1 gear, backing up but she's so cute doing it.

Look at this grin, its like - I'm out to get you Mom & Dad, I will be a wild one when I get the hang of this thing, you just watch out!"

Mommy of course is in disbelief of all of this. I can't believe she's wanted to scoot around in a walker already but if she seems up to it, then more power to our Lenna-girl.

Everyone keeps asking us if Lenna is loosing her long hair she had. Well besides the crazy hair, it appear to be thinning a little and rubbing off in the back. Here is a crazy hair picture:

We also want to say a shout out to Lenna's Grandpa Frank. He had triple bypass surgery today and we are praying he has a speedy recovery. Lenna is going to see them when we go to Sedona, Az next month, we just bought our plane tickets so she'll be ready to provide plenty of TLC.

Meet the Grandparents

I apologize for the delay on the posts! We have been quite busy around here. The weekend before last Lenna got to meet her Grandpa Pete and Grandma Jackie when they got home from being snowbirds for the winter. They loved meeting their new grandbaby!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Happy 3 Month Old

Wow! All I can say is time sure flies. Lenna turned 3 months old yesterday. I would have posted pictures yesterday but we were having too much fun. Since it has been warm outside Lenna loves this weather. She loves being outside in her stroller for naps & long walks. Yesterday she went in her Baby Bjorn all the way to Grandpa Lenny's and back (for those of you who haven't been to our place, its about 1/2 mile away). Here are some milestones of Lenna from the past 2 weeks:

Since we had such a busy weekend the weekend prior we decided to have a laid back Easter. We had brunch at Triple R in Kimball, and look who showed up? The Easter bunny. Lenna got a picture and didn't freak out.

Ok, ok, followers, you are probably like "where are the bath photos?" well, here is one. Lenna loves her baths.

Lenna loves her bumbo chair and her puppy Sarge. He was funny and made her laugh and I finally caught 1/2 of her beautiful smile that we have seen so much of lately (except for capturing it on camera :)) Tonight we caught Lenna pulling Sarge's tail. He's definitely desensitized to children now!

Lenna was teasing Sarge, ha ha I'm in your spot (under strict supervision) because that is where Sarge normally sits.

On Saturday, Lenna got ready for her first horse expo in St. Cloud, cowboy boots and all. Her cousin Amber joined us and it was a fun girls day.