Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lenna's New Kitty

Grandma Sue and Grandpa Larry brought over two new kittens for Lenna and Sarge.  She got them from a nice lady she works with who had some kittens.  Sarge's kitty ran away last fall and he was pretty sad.  Grandma brought over an orange kitten and black kitten.  I think Sarge liked the black kitten because he hissed and stuck his teeth out at Sarge really big (ha ha).  So he claimed that kitty.  The orange kitty looks like Lenna has taken a liking to that one.  Now all we have to do is name them!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day Tony!

Yesterday was Tony's first Father's Day being Lenna's daddy.  We spent it by Mom cooking breakfast for him and Grandpa and then we worked on stuff around the house (his choice by the way).  Lenna already got him his special gift a couple of weeks ago, she traded off Mommy's motorcycle and bought him a used four-wheeler.  We have gotten a lot of use out of it.

Here is Daddy and his little girl.  Check out the shirt!

Lenna also got to meet her Great Aunt (my Dad's sister) Arlys and her husband Billy tonight.  They were on their way back to Texas from a visit.  We haven't seen Arlys in well over 10 years so it was a nice visit.  They enjoyed meeting Lenna and we had a nice visit.  

Lenna had not been feeling well the last day or so. She has an icky cough and head cold. She was still a great trooper while our guests stopped by. She has been a pretty good girl for how under the weather she feels. Mommy picked her up from daycare early today and gave her some extra tlc. This was her by evening (no Mommy is NOT trying to push horses on her, although if that is her toy of choice and it makes her happy that makes Momma happy too :) ):

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mommy and me

Lenna and I are just hanging out here on a Saturday morning hoping this dark cloud passes soon so we can have a nice Saturday.  By the way, this outfit she is wearing is now a 6-9 month outfit.  Scary!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

5 months Old!

I'm sorry for the slacking in updating again.  We have been busy since we came home from Arizona.  Lenna was such a good little girl on the flight home. 

June 11 was Lenna's 5 month birthday.  She celebrated by hanging out at Jamie's with Gavin, Kamryn, Jamie and Jeremy while Mom and Dad went to Mommy's work spring party.  On Saturday Collen and Kayla watched her for a couple of hours while Mommy helped Uncle Chumly paint. 

On Sunday we got together with Grandparents Pete & Jackie, Denise, Eric, Shannon & Larry. 

Last week Wednesday Lenna got her first bottom tooth!  Now we are on to a teething girl.  This morning the other bottom one poked through.  She has been pretty good about teething.  A little more needy and whiny than usual but she overall is such a trooper.

Here are some other facts about Lenna:
  • She is eating fruits, veggies and baby cereal now.  I think her favorites are sweet potatoes and carrots so far
  • She can go backwards and forwards in her walker (scary)
  • She can get to her toys now by rolling back and forth and pivoting 90 degrees (scary)
  • Her hair has turned from brown to a slight reddish tint but its still the same thickness
  • She smiles ALL the time
  • She loves to pull hair.  Especially Sarge's hair and Uncle Paully Walnuts' goattee
  • She sleeps through the night (I hope I'm not jinxing myself) and has for the past couple of weeks
Tony and I actually set a wedding date in the past couple of weeks as well.  9-10-11!  We are going to get married in Watkins and have the reception at our home.  Now I am stuck planning a wedding too (j/k) but it won't be too bad and it should be fun.