Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lenna Woke Up on the Cute Side of the Bed!

At least that is what it says on her shirt. Lenna wore this outfit yesterday and was actually a bit fussy all day. To make up for it, Lenna only woke up once last night from 10:30 p.m. on, most likely a growth spurt people say. Mommy sure enjoyed the extra sleep and Lenna was back to her happy baby self today. Look at how much her face has thinned out since she was born. What a big girl!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lenna is 2 Weeks Old Today

Happy two week old birthday Lenna! Time sure flies when your having fun. Today Grandma Sue, Lenna and I met her pediatrician today for her 2 week well baby check. She is 9 lbs, 11 oz and 22 inches long now. Wow! Doctor says we are doing a great job and we have a healthy beautiful baby girl. The next doctor appointment for her is at her 2 month checkup where she gets her shots. Lenna is doing great and sleeping in 3 hour stretches at night already.

Birthing another Vikings fan apparantly didn't help out the team beat the Saints, but we sure enjoyed dressing Lenna up in her Vikings gear her Aunt Kelli and Andrea picked out. Here she is decked out for the game yesterday.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Adventure

Lenna and I had another mini-adventure to go on today. I awake to a phone call at 6 a.m. from Tony saying he forgot the key in our car to get into a gate at a specific area he is working on at the Twins Stadium and he had drove the truck today. He was already almost to work when he called me and he had his workers that were coming and the other trade workers who would be S.O.L. So after a bit of grumbling and frustration at him on the phone, I woke up Lenna (yes she and I were still sleeping) and got her in the car to go to Minneapolis. Lenna did good with the car ride but got a little fussy when we got off the interstate, but of course, she was hungry! After a kiss from Daddy and some breakfast she was ready to roll again and we went back to Maple Grove. We had breakfast at Perkins and a little shopping at Babies R Us and we went back home. What a long run for us!

After we got home my wonderful Cousin Kandy and friend Wanda stopped by to meet Lenna. Kandy is moving to Brookings, SD for a career change and was happy to meet Lenna before she embarked on her next adventure. We were able to snap a few pics of Kandy, Wanda, Lenna, & Sarge. We had a good visit even though Lenna's schedule was thrown off a bit and she wasn't the happiest girl the whole time from her long car ride.

Other than that I can't believe another work week is almost over. They go by fast when I'm on maternity leave. We are looking forward to having Daddy home for a full weekend this weekend and Lenna gets to meet a few more Aunts, Uncles and Cousins!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy 1 Week Old Birthday Little Lenna!

Lenna is 1 week old now! It's amazing with a blink of an eye where a week goes. This will be our last "First Week Home Post." Grandma Sue and I went to have Lenna's weight checked at the doctor's office and she weighs 9 lbs exactly now. Our little girl is quickly becoming a big girl. We had a good day doing a bit of shopping and having lunch with Grandma. Lenna was such a good little girl today with very minimal fussing or crying while we were out and about.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lenna's First Weekend Home

Lenna and all of us enjoyed our first weekend home and had some wonderful visitors. We also had our first newborn photo shoot thanks to Michele at Studio G Photography today.

Here is a Mommy & Daddy pic (who does she look like the most I say Daddy so far)?

Look at how much Lenna has changed from last Thursday through Friday! She's getting more alert and responds to her name now.

Daddy had to work Saturday so Grandpa Lenny hung out with Lenna and I:

Lenna also met her Cousins Maddison and Conner and Amber. Uncle Chumly was proud to hold her Lenna while she was awake this time:

Lenna also met her Cousins Kody & Kerry and Aunt Linda:


Lenna's first Friday in the world was pretty laid back. We got to spend the day getting used to each other and enjoying Mommy/Daughter time. We also had a few vistors.

Grandma Sue dropped by:

Jamie dropped by for a visit:

Uncle Paully Walnutz stopped by to hang out and hold Lenna (good practice for Uncle Walnutz if he ever needs the experience :) )

Thanks for visiting Grandma Jenny & Grandpa Frank

On Thursday Grandma Jenny & Grandpa Frank came over for their last day of visiting before they finish up their trip and head back to Arizona. Grandma Jenny came with Lenna and I to have her weight checked and her 24 hour checkup from the hospital. She is in the 75th percentile on height, weight and head size and pretty much a healthy baby. We were able to snap pics of Frank holding Lenna (who was leary of holding her in the hospital but we talked him right into it when he was here). Jenny enjoyed hanging out with Lenna and Sarge during tummy time. We hope Grandma and Grandpa have a safe trip back home and hope to get to Sedona in to see them and definitely see them this summer for a family reunion.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Welcome Home Lenna!

Lenna and I were discharged from the hospital today. We are all thankful to be blessed with such a healthy and wonderful baby girl and I'm very happy with my recovery so far. It was a positive birthing experience at the St. Cloud Hospital. Everyone there loved her hair and plump cheeks (which I think are from her Daddy). She's been an awesome baby so far, but of course, I'm a little biased.

Tony is so happy and Lenna is obviously going to be a Daddy's girl and a picture of me too:

Yesterday at the hospital she met her Grandma Jenny and Grandpa Frank (who are enjoying the MN cold during their visit from Sedona, AZ):

Lenna also met her Grandma Sue and Grandpa Larry:

She also met her Auntie Kelli and Andrea who almost skipped school to meet her:

Today we came home and Lenna got to meet her Grandpa Lenny and her Big-Pet-Brother Sarge. Grandpa is obvisouly over-joyed and Sarge is doing well for being a spoiled puppy.

She also got to meet her Uncle Chumley:

And last (but not least) she got to meet her Cousin Ariana, who just so happens to share the same birthday as Lenna and wished for her baby cousin to be born when she blew out her candles Monday (not knowing her Aunt was in labor with her cousin). She was very appreciative of her birthday present and said that if I would have waited six more minutes, her and Lenna would be exactly 15 years apart in age. I'm not sure if I could have waited 6 more minutes though...

Thank you to all of you who have sent your well wishes. We are very happy!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Lenna Marie Peterson!

Lenna was born at 1/11/2010 at 10:11 p.m. She's a big girl; 8 lbs, 12 oz and 20 in long and came out screaming. Will update more later, gotta get this posted before they bring her back from her pediatrician checkup!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

James David Ashfeld - Our Guardian Angel

As many of you may know we lost our little nephew last year due to SIDS. He was born on Jan 9, 2009 and passed away Feb 19th, 2009. Baby James brought a ton of joy to our family in the short 6 weeks he was here. Keith, Kelli, Ariana, Amber, Maddison, & Conner were all so proud. Tony and I were just looking forward to the "newness" wearing off and us to be able to take baby James and spoil him. I was so excited, I came home on a business trip to get the voicemail that our baby nephew was born.

We feel even closer to him now, as James was due on Jan 4 as well as our baby. Tony and I decided to start trying for a baby last April right after we got engaged because James made us realize how short life can be. We succeeded right away in conceiving and feel as if James was watching over us ever since. Since it is 6 p.m. on Jan 9th, with no contractions in sight, we are thinking that it wasn't written in the stars for James and Lenna to share the same birthday. That is ok for us, because they would have both wanted their own special days if James was here, and we will always be thinking of 1/9/09 on this day. We really wish we could be watching him shoving cake in his face and getting it all over. We will forever be thinking of our "Angel James" and he is always going to live on in our hearts. Lenna will grow up to know about her cousin and how important he was to us as well.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Lenna's Due Today!

We are due to have a baby today but I don't anticipate our baby being one of those odd 5% that come on their due date. Nope, she's going to wait it out. It is around -14 below and she just thinks it is too cold to come out.

Tomorrow we will go in for our 40 week appointment. At that time we will know more about our progress. I can't take the pelvic pain much longer and will be scheduling an induction sometime next week at my appointment tomorrow. It is something that we are praying we don't have to deal with but at least we know we should have a baby in our arms within the next week or so!

I'm still working but from home and Tony is freezing in the arctic air at his job.

The calls and texts and facebook messages are constant about baby and I think I will be turning my phone off the rest of the gestational period :)