Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Adventure

Lenna and I had another mini-adventure to go on today. I awake to a phone call at 6 a.m. from Tony saying he forgot the key in our car to get into a gate at a specific area he is working on at the Twins Stadium and he had drove the truck today. He was already almost to work when he called me and he had his workers that were coming and the other trade workers who would be S.O.L. So after a bit of grumbling and frustration at him on the phone, I woke up Lenna (yes she and I were still sleeping) and got her in the car to go to Minneapolis. Lenna did good with the car ride but got a little fussy when we got off the interstate, but of course, she was hungry! After a kiss from Daddy and some breakfast she was ready to roll again and we went back to Maple Grove. We had breakfast at Perkins and a little shopping at Babies R Us and we went back home. What a long run for us!

After we got home my wonderful Cousin Kandy and friend Wanda stopped by to meet Lenna. Kandy is moving to Brookings, SD for a career change and was happy to meet Lenna before she embarked on her next adventure. We were able to snap a few pics of Kandy, Wanda, Lenna, & Sarge. We had a good visit even though Lenna's schedule was thrown off a bit and she wasn't the happiest girl the whole time from her long car ride.

Other than that I can't believe another work week is almost over. They go by fast when I'm on maternity leave. We are looking forward to having Daddy home for a full weekend this weekend and Lenna gets to meet a few more Aunts, Uncles and Cousins!