Monday, January 25, 2010

Lenna is 2 Weeks Old Today

Happy two week old birthday Lenna! Time sure flies when your having fun. Today Grandma Sue, Lenna and I met her pediatrician today for her 2 week well baby check. She is 9 lbs, 11 oz and 22 inches long now. Wow! Doctor says we are doing a great job and we have a healthy beautiful baby girl. The next doctor appointment for her is at her 2 month checkup where she gets her shots. Lenna is doing great and sleeping in 3 hour stretches at night already.

Birthing another Vikings fan apparantly didn't help out the team beat the Saints, but we sure enjoyed dressing Lenna up in her Vikings gear her Aunt Kelli and Andrea picked out. Here she is decked out for the game yesterday.