Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sarge and the Zhu Zhu Pet

I know this is Lenna's blog, but you all have to see how much fun it is to watch Sarge play with Lenna's Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster.  Hilarious.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Lenna's First Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas to all of our blog readers!!!!

Merry Christmas to all!  Tony, Lenna, Sarge and I hope everyone of our blog readers is having a wonderful holiday.  We have had a wonderful Christmas so far. 

Yesterday we skyped Grandma Jennie and Grandpa Frank.  They got Lenna some very cute outfits.

We got together with Grandma Sue, Grandpa Larry and Uncle Paully and Auntie Kayla last night.  Lenna got lots of good gifts from her Granparents and Uncle.  Grandma got her an activity center which has lots of good learning and stimulating toys on it.  Uncle Paully got her "Bullseye" Rocking Horse, the horse from Toy Story and another learning toy.  Kayla got her a new "John Deere Babe" outfit. 

Uncle Paully thought it was funny and wraped up a 4 foot long box full of packing peanuts.  It conisisted of 12 coffee mugs that I had to dig out one by one and a casserole dish.  Paully hid a gift card in one of the cups.  Boy did we laugh.  We had packing peanuts all over the place.  I think Paully had lots of "Christmas Cheer" in him when he decided to tactfully wrap our present.  Tony got me a flip video which I already made a wonderful movie to share with you all about our Christmas day.  Tony got an ipod that was 'pre-loaded' with music thanks to Lenna and I working on this in advance. 

Oh Lenna also got a Zu Zu pet (sp?) from the Ashfeld's in Albany.  It circles around the floor by itself.  Sarge thought it was a mouse and kept chasing it.  I think he believes that is his toy.

Santa came last night and we had lots of fun opening presents this morning with Lenna.  She got another rocking horse - one without a saddle so she can ride bareback on this one, :).  She also got a home depot toolset, some clothes, puzzles, books. 

We went to Buffalo Lake for Christmas dinner to celebrate with Great Grandma Helen, Grandma Sue, and many Great Aunts, Uncles, & Cousins. 

Now Lenna is just enjoying her toys and our messing living room.  At least she's happy!  We are very lucky to be sharing this first Christmas with Lenna.

Lenna and Bullseye (Thanks Uncle Paully)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I love helping Daddy

Some of our blog readers may notice that our house is still a work in progress - trim missing, etc.  This evening Tony decided to work on some trim as we have had it stained and varnished for a little while now.  Lenna loves to be  a big helper.  Check out some cute pics of them 'working'.
"Wait a minute Daddy, I need to measure something over here."

"Daddy - do you need to put this piece on?"

"I love helping my Daddy"

"Nice step stool, be sure not to leave big ladders set up around the house, I will climb up those too"

"A month ago I was just learning how to walk, now I am standing on the first rung of a ladder 1 footed."

Monday, December 20, 2010

We have a climber & a Vikings fan

"Hi everyone - I love opening drawers and climbing in them to my parent's dismay"

"Wow - I stumbled and fell INTO the drawer, good thing I have this diaper on or my butt would hurt"

"Geez, what should I do now?  I am stuck in this drawer, frustrating"

"I can do it, I can do it."

"Wait a minute was that a Vikings touchdown in the first outdoor game that was played since my Momma was an toddler?  Skoal Vikings!"

"Ok - Vikings are boring now, time to get my diaper butt in the kitchen and empty the cupboards.  Good night everyone~"

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lenna's Horsey Gus got out.

First Haircut

Today we stopped by Kid's Hair to get Lenna her first haircut.  They have such cute little capes for the little ones there.  She was such a good little girl and sat nice for her stylist. She even got a sticker and a little envelope with her first locks of hair to save for her baby book.

Here she is before:

Not sure what this is all about
I was worried that Lenna would not look like a little baby and look more grown up, but my worries were not necessary.  Here she is after.
Momma's got that goofy black toy out again that I never get to play with

Ok Mom, I know I got a haircut but I really don't look that different!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Can't believe how big she is.

When I work from home I usually let Lenna sleep in a little later in the mornings.  Since I have had to get her up early all week she was up at 5 a.m. this morning which allowed me to enjoy some time playing with my girl before I brought her to daycare.  I was just in awe of how big she has gotten.  I think she grew since yesterday ;)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Lenna in her Santa Dress

Lenna & Our Tree

Our present "under" the tree with her presents "above" the tree.  Lenna's Mommy doesn't remember having a real tree before so we went all out this year with a 9 foot frasier fur.  It is not prickly at all.  Notice the lack of ornaments on the bottom section?

"Rocking aka toddlering around the Christmas Tree"

Our cutie in her pretty dress
"I know I am going to cause lots of trouble, but I'm going to be darn good looking doing it"

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Santa Claus Day & Happy 11 Month Old Birthday Lenna

Lenna & Santa 12-11-10
Lenna attended her first Christmas play put on by the Watkins Community today.  She was such a good girl and gazed intently at all of the action going on.  Our little bundle of joy is now 11 months old today.  Lenna is walking good now.  She blows kisses, gives high five, waves, claps and giggles all of the time.  Last weekend we put up our Christmas tree.  I will post pictures later of Lenna and our tree later.  The bottom part of the tree is 'all natural' due to a little walking baby.  Having Lenna surely gives us something to look forward to on Christmas day.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yeah! Snow!

If we have to have the winter season, we may as well have snow, right Lenna?  I think she agrees:

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

Lenna celebrated her first Thanksgiving this past weekend. We had a lot to be thankful for in our 4 day weekend. We had planned to visit the Crotteau's in Illinois (they live west of Chicago). My Dad didn't have too much going on and Tony's brother and sister in law invited him to come with. The forecast was looking like we were going to have some bad weather so Tony and I decided to take off early on Wednesday to 'outrun' the storm. Well outrun was the word for it. He picked Lenna up at daycare and they picked me up in Minneapolis at my office at 1 p.m. It was starting to come down and it appeared we were out running the storm until we took a break in Tomah, Wisconsin. Then the weather appeared to be getting worse but we drove out of it. Lenna was a great traveler! She and I hung out in the backseat and played 'peak-a-boo' with me and her blanket. She also got to hang out with Sarge her puppy who snuggled with her while she was napping in her car seat.
Lenna also got to meet Tim Jodie's new puppy.  His name is Dozer and he is a bull-mastiff 8 week old puppy.  He was so cute!  Lenna also go along great with Harley, their 10 year old boxer.  She actually went on a "Harley Ride". 

We had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner and had lots of fun. Plenty of food was eaten!
On Friday Lenna got to hang with the 'guys' while Jodie and I shopped.  On Saturday we took Lenna to the outlet mall and got Lenna some new clothes and shoes.

Lenna 'Sharing' her snacks with Sarge

Sarge and Lenna snuggling

Lenna & Dozer

Harley Ride
Lenna having dinner

Lenna hanging with Grandpa
Aunt Jodie, Uncle Tim & Lenna

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

As we begin our Thanksgiving weekend celebration Tony, Lenna, Sarge, the horses, the kitties and myself wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! It is going to be so great to share with Lenna her first Thanksgiving. I am sure many photo opportunities will be had. We are so thankful and blessed to have such a happy, healthy wonderful little girl and great friends and family in our lives.

Just an update to those who did not know it Tony and I have set a date for our wedding. We will be getting married and having a small ceremony/celebration on April 8, 2011 in Sedona, AZ. Lenna's Mommy & Daddy will finally take the plunge!

Enjoy Thanksgiving everyone!

Friday, November 19, 2010

John Deere Tractor - Farmer Lenna!

Andrea handed down a little tractor from her son Alexander and Lenna sure likes it. There is one downside, she can't quite figure out how not to run her feet over. As soon as she figures this out she will vrooming around. She's even got the sound effects figured out. Just a little side note, Lenna loves playing with tractors. When I picked her up from daycare today she was playing with a John Deere combine and flatbed wagon. Is she taking after Grandpa Farmer Lenny (if she is that is scary, LOL)! We are so blessed!

Lenna is my name!

Lenna sure knows her name (or seems to - it sounds like it!) - one of her first words besides Mama, Dada, Grrr, Vroom, grampa and Yah.

Lenna walking - a 6 second glimpse (and fall)

Welcome to the world of Lenna walking!  She has been getting around furniture and cruising for a while, but now she's starting to actually run, walk & fall. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day & Happy 10 Month Birthday Lenna!

Happy Veteran's Day & Happy 10 Month Birthday Lenna!

Here are some of the Veteran's that have graced Lenna's presence over the last 10 months of her life

Captain Zenzen, United States Army

Great Grandpa George Pessek (not pictured may he Rest in Peace).  Grandma Helen Pessek as military wife.

Clint Graunke "

Uncle Greg

Mommy & her short 5 month stint in the United States Navy

And to everyone else I have forgotten!  Love you all!  We pray that everyone deployed and not deployed comes home safe so Lenna can have many more birthdays!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rest in Peace Kaisha Marie Beumer

Back in February I made a post about a Kaisha Marie Beumer, a little girl that was going to be in daycare with Lenna.  It is sad to say, but she didn't make it through this fight.  She has made an impact on many people, even those who have not met her, and my thoughts and prayers are with her family.  Here is more information:

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010 Lenna and Sarge

Lenna in Her Halloween Costume

Check out how enthusiastic our dog is, he looks quite happy, doesn't he?  Also, look at how long Lenna is standing by herself and she even takes a little bit of a step. 

Happy Halloween!! (and Lenna's First)

It was Lenna's first Halloween and we sure did have a great time.  Lenna and her puppy Sarge dressed up as Dragons.  They had matching outfits, complete with face makeup and spray painted hair.  Lenna spent most of the afternoon in her costume. We took LOTS of pictures!

Lenna standing by herself holding Sarge's leash!  What a big girl.  She stands by herself and has taken up to 3 or four steps.

Lenna loved playing with Sarge's costume.  It made her smile and giggle.

Nice looking dinosaurs, right?  Sarge had his costume from 3 years ago when we went and trick or treated with a friend of mine.  When we went shopping for Lenna's costume, we decided to make them matchy-matchy!

Grandpa Lenny, Daddy, Lenna & Sarge

Grandpa Lenny, Lenna, Sarge & me

The cutest backsides of a dragon I ever did see

Lenna & Grandma Sue.  Grandma broke her arm but Lenna seems to be good about not picking on Grandma when she holds her.

One of the wonderful ladies that works at Manhatten Toy, and my Mom's best friend Martina.

Our neighbor Lisa when we stopped to trick or treat.

Of course we had to stop by Lenna's daycare to visit Doreen

Last stop was to visit Auntie Kelli & Uncle Chumley (not pictured).  Lenna loved drooling and babbling with the dum dum sucker in her mouth.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Working on the weekend

Most of our blog readers are aware that our house is still a work in progress.  Here is a picture of Tony putting some finishing touches on the trim around our big window in the foyer of our home.

What is different now having a baby, is that we have extra help!  Lenna is so curious about everything and loves to get INTO everything.  We love that girl though, what a fun personality she has.