Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!! (and Lenna's First)

It was Lenna's first Halloween and we sure did have a great time.  Lenna and her puppy Sarge dressed up as Dragons.  They had matching outfits, complete with face makeup and spray painted hair.  Lenna spent most of the afternoon in her costume. We took LOTS of pictures!

Lenna standing by herself holding Sarge's leash!  What a big girl.  She stands by herself and has taken up to 3 or four steps.

Lenna loved playing with Sarge's costume.  It made her smile and giggle.

Nice looking dinosaurs, right?  Sarge had his costume from 3 years ago when we went and trick or treated with a friend of mine.  When we went shopping for Lenna's costume, we decided to make them matchy-matchy!

Grandpa Lenny, Daddy, Lenna & Sarge

Grandpa Lenny, Lenna, Sarge & me

The cutest backsides of a dragon I ever did see

Lenna & Grandma Sue.  Grandma broke her arm but Lenna seems to be good about not picking on Grandma when she holds her.

One of the wonderful ladies that works at Manhatten Toy, and my Mom's best friend Martina.

Our neighbor Lisa when we stopped to trick or treat.

Of course we had to stop by Lenna's daycare to visit Doreen

Last stop was to visit Auntie Kelli & Uncle Chumley (not pictured).  Lenna loved drooling and babbling with the dum dum sucker in her mouth.