Monday, February 28, 2011

Our little bank robber

This is Lenna getting ready to work in the garage with Daddy.  She doesn't like keeping any of HER hats on but Daddy's hat, no problem. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Recently taken Pics

Our little cowgirl

Still riding Bullseye - she put the hat on herself and got up on him.

She likes her new boots


Lenna & Sarge

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Saving for College

Lenna is already becoming a saver.  Daddy gets $1 coins from the vending machines where he works once in a while for Lenna.  We put them in a special piggy bank for Lenna (of course the piggy bank is actually a doggy bank from Manhatten Toy and Grandma Sue gave it to her).  She puts them in the piggy herself now!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day and 13 month update

Last Friday Lenna turned 13 months.  Geez, we are going to have to stop counting the months soon.  I have been a 'bad' Mommy at taking pictures lately - been a little busy with some professional/work initiatives, but I did capture some moments on my mobile recently.
I love Lenna's morning smiles when she gets to wake up on her own (not woken up by Momma) to go to daycare.  
More smiles
Uncle Paully got Lenna a ball pit for her birthday.  We finally blew it up and put in in our guest bedroom (so we don't have balls all over the house)
Checking it out
This is normally what I see of Lenna now, running away from Mommy & Daddy!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Update on Lenna

I have been bad at taking new pictures lately but wanted to do a quick update on what is happening with Lenna. 

  • Lenna gave Daddy her first 'sloppy' kiss tonight, sparing Momma thankfully, LOL
  • Lenna is getting lots of teeth.  She has four on the top, four on the bottom in the front.  Two molars through on top, 1 through on the bottom and 1 swollen coming in.  Let me just say the past week has been a bit challenging.  Molars are not fun.  Lenna has slept through the night religously since 4 months old.  We were both up with her in the past week in the middle of the night.  Lots of runny noses and drool as well.
  • We bundled Lenna up in her snow suit and took her outside yesterday since it was nice out, around 25 degrees.  She was just eyeing up the 'outside' world and thought it was really great when we let her walk in it.
  • Lenna got a potty chair for her birthday.  While she is WAY too young to begin potty training we have gotten her used to the chair.  I set her on the chair before we put her in the bathtub for her evening bath.  She has gone potty on the chair 6 times now~boy it sure is the little things in life that excite you. 
  • She loves to skype Grandma Jenny and Grandpa Frank in Arizona.  She is starting to realize that the computer is where she gets to talk to Grandma and goes by it whenever we are using it.  I think it is to see if Grandma and Grandpa are there.
  • She is in LOVE with her truck.  See my previous posts.  She is always riding on her truck that Uncle Chumly got her.  We just wish she knew what the forward and reverse buttons were all about when she gets stuck.  Usually she will get down off the truck and turn it in the direction where she wants to go.
  • She LOVES books, and she got many new ones for her birthday as well.  When she wants us to read one to her she will grab it and bring it to us.
  • She does not use a bottle anymore (such a big girl).  She is now taking a sippy full time.
So thats all for now -blog readers!

Friday, February 4, 2011

New Mack Truck

Grandma Sue came over last weekend and babysat Lenna while Mom & Dad went snowmobiling.  We put a 100 miles on our sleds.  Lenna got a BIG surprise from Uncle Chumley (aka my bro Keith).  He brought over a Mack Truck & Trailer for Lenna.  It drives, and while Mom & Dad were away, Grandma and Lenna started to play.  Lenna figured out how to honk the horn and get on and off her Mack truck.  I am thinking she was trying to put as many miles on as her parents?  Maybe :).  Check out the video as well.
Grandma & Lenna

Her mack truck

Giving Sarge a ride


Lenna's Birthday Party

So I know Lenna's birthday party was like 3 weeks ago, so I apologize to all of you for not posting.  Lenna had a wonderful birthday party, and thank you to all that could make it.  Lenna got many toys and clothes.  She had to open her presents in shifts!  Once again thanks to all of our great friends and family who came to see Lenna.  
Lenna's Winter "ONE"-derland cake

She took her own "corner"
Opening presents

Lots of help opening presents

Wow, a new puzzle and a Mafia customs hat

Cousin Amber
Hanging with the boys already.  She is with our friend Andrea's son Alexander