Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quick update on Lenna

Lenna's using a walker!!!!!! She is going to be off in college before we know it. Tony and I were just talking about getting Lenna a walker and the next day she was in one at daycare. Doreen noticed yesterday that Lenna was starting to scoot around in her walker. In order to not feel like we have been left out, we purchased a walker this evening for Lenna and let her try it out. So far so good. She likes the big space on the tile floor and only has 1 gear, backing up but she's so cute doing it.

Look at this grin, its like - I'm out to get you Mom & Dad, I will be a wild one when I get the hang of this thing, you just watch out!"

Mommy of course is in disbelief of all of this. I can't believe she's wanted to scoot around in a walker already but if she seems up to it, then more power to our Lenna-girl.

Everyone keeps asking us if Lenna is loosing her long hair she had. Well besides the crazy hair, it appear to be thinning a little and rubbing off in the back. Here is a crazy hair picture:

We also want to say a shout out to Lenna's Grandpa Frank. He had triple bypass surgery today and we are praying he has a speedy recovery. Lenna is going to see them when we go to Sedona, Az next month, we just bought our plane tickets so she'll be ready to provide plenty of TLC.