Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lenna's Baptism

Last Sunday Lenna was baptized. We had so many friends and family over and it was a busy day for Lenna. We were able to get some good pictures of her in her dress. Her baptism dress was given to us at my baby shower from my Grandma and Aunts. She was a beautiful little girl.

Lenna's necklace was from her Grandma Sue. My Mom had a little bracelet with this heart on it that she got from her Grandmother and wore on her baptism. The bracelet broke but Grandma had the jewelry store put it on a chain. It is partially 60 years old and something Lenna can always have.

Lenna got her first bible from my friend Wanda and the cross from Uncle Tim and Aunt Jodie

Here is a picture of Lenna with her Godparents, Aunts and Uncles Tim, Jodie, Kelli & Keith

4th Generation picture of Grandma Helen, Grandma Sue, Lenna and me

Family pic in the front of the church

All of us with Father Brunner