Thursday, March 18, 2010


We threw a lot at Lenna this past week. After her shots, she ran a low grade fever throughout the weekend. It also threw her sleeping schedule off at night and she woke up a bit more. Then she caught a touch of the head cold Tony and I had and her voice was hoarse, but she didn't have the nasal congestion we had. She is now back to normal with her sleep schedule, either sleeping straight threw from 10p-6a or getting up once around 3am for a feeding. On Monday Lenna started daycare at Doreen's this week. We wanted to bring Lenna to daycare the week before I started work so Lenna got used to shorter days. She is doing great with daycare and we are so glad to have her at such a nice family daycare. The first two days were fine, but after yesterday when I dropped her off, Mommy got a bit sad. On Monday I start work full time. I mean how could you not get sad when Lenna is so happy in the mornings? Just look at her, this is the beautiful girl I was lucky enough to spend every morning with for the past 10 weeks. What more could one ask for?

Development wise, Lenna is growing fast. She loves her rattles now, and is laying on her tummy for at least 5 minutes before she gets mad. She rolled over on her tummy time mat for the first time 2 nights ago from belly to back. She hasn't done it again but I'm sure its coming soon. We have some issues with Lenna being fussy in the evenings around 6-7. Well now that it is nice out we bring Lenna outside for fresh air and that helps with that. Here she is getting ready to go outside with Daddy, I think she's got plenty of room in those boots, but its fun to see how Daddy dresses her :) :

A week from this Sunday, Lenna gets baptized, so we will be busy getting some things done around the house until then.