Saturday, July 17, 2010

On the move

Our girl is totally on the move now!  This week she has made a ton of progress.  She's growing so fast!!!
  • Lenna is getting into the drawers now of our coffee table
  • She is "pre-crawling".  Its pretty darn close sometimes to an actual crawl, 1 or 2 steps at a time
  • She can stand up and hold things now for a short time
  • She will walk with Daddy when he holds her arms
  • She can sit by herself for 5 minutes or so and just play
  • She loves horsey rides with Momma
  • She clucks and rolls her 'rrrrrs' 
  • She has her two bottom teeth in and the two next to her front teeth in.  More seem to be on the way she acts like her whole mouth is in pain at time, but a little baby orajel goes a long way!
  • It is difficult to change diapers since Lenna is using her changing table as a launch pad for crawling.  Diaper changing is quite strategic now
  • Lenna does not like her green baby food, but loves her squash, sweet potatoes, and all fruit.  She'll eat the green stuff but doesn't seem to enjoy it as much.  Lately we have been giving her baby yogurt and stage 2 baby foods which have new flavors for her.  By her rolls on her legs you can tell she gets plenty to eat!