Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend

Lenna, Tony and I had a nice laid back 4th of July weekend.  We hope all of our blog readers enjoyed their weekend as well.  On Saturday I went to another Omoksee horse show in Delano.  Lenna LOVES animals.  She will look at the horses, Sarge, the kitties, other puppies, and just giggle and laugh at them.  Her kitties name is KiKi (the orange one) and Sarge's kitty is named Smokey.  They are getting big down in the shed I'll have to get more pictures of Lenna tugging on them, oh I mean petting them.  Lenna is rolling and learning to crawl all over the floor now.  She also got her first horsey "sit" at the show on Saturday.  Lenna is also showing off her new cow ears hat from Cousin Amber.