Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gilchrist Family Reunion

Lenna's Grandma Jenny's side of the family (Gilchrist) had a family reunion this weekend.  Lenna enjoyed meeting many new cousins, second cousins, and  Great Aunts and Uncles.  We attended BBQ Friday night, stayed at a wonderful CSM hotel at the Spring Hill Suites in St. Louis Park.
Then on Saturday we hung out at the Riverwood Resort in Elk River for the day.  Lenna got to go to the water park and hang out on the lazy river with Daddy while Lenna's Godmother Jodie and I went shopping for baby clothes at the Outlets in Albertville.  Towards the evening we had a wonderful buffet and the family reminisced and went over the family tree (which I learned a lot from).  Sure wore Lenna out, she was up for an hour today for breakfast and has been napping since!
Here are some pictures taken over the weekend (in no particular order).  The family took some good group shots and family photos and I will share them on here when we get them:

Cousin Allie (Tony's sister Shannon's daughter):

Multiple cousins adoring Lenna:

Lenna's cousin Kayla (Tony's sister Heidi's daughter):

Lenna's second cousin Caroline, she loved hanging out with Lenna all weekend: