Saturday, December 19, 2009

The story of Lenna's Name

When I grew up on the farm, sometimes my parents would give me a chance to play with Barbie dolls and because my Mom was not hesitant to buy them for me (she wanted to avoid me becoming a tom-boy, which worked for a little while), I'd play with my dolls. While playing, when my dolls would have a baby or a family, I always envisioned a little girl named Lenna while playing. Lenna is short for Leonard or Lenny, my Dad's name so Lenna is named after her Grandpa Lenny. She is also named after her Grandma Sue, because we all share middle names. Susan Marie, Teresa Marie and Lenna Marie

Anyhow, I haven't told many about the "Lenna" name, I didn't want it to end up like an episode on Friends when Monica took Rachel's name, Emma. You never think your significant other will like a name like that but it just turned out Tony loved this name and Lenna Marie Peterson sounded beautiful with his last name. So Lenna is her name, and that's it!