Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rainy Weather

The weather has been quite rainy lately, which is never good for a little girl who loves to be outside.  Today there was some bad weather in Minneapolis, but thankfully it missed us.  Thoughts go out to those affected.  We had a break in the weather this evening and went outside to feed the horses.  I got some cute pictures of Lenna chasing the dandelions, kitty, and Sargie boy.

Since it was so rainy yesterday we decided to take Lenna to the Mall of America to see the Sea Life exhibit. We forgot our camera so we had to buy the tourist photo.  Lenna LOVED seeing all the fishies.  It was a great age to bring her.  She also enjoyed Lego Land as well.
Lenna's personality shines now most of the time.  Yesterday morning I said to Lenna "Let's get dressed and get your diaper changed."  She proceeded to run from me as she always does.  This time she ran and hid in Sarge's dog kennel.  Another example is yesterday while Lenna was at the mall she was throwing her snacks out of the stroller.  I gave her the "don't mess with Mom" look.  She then gave the same look back to me.  Nice huh?  Oh and just as I was typing this she figured out how to take her diaper off!

Grandma Sue got Lenna a spring rocking horse.  She loves it but gets frustrated because she can't get up by herself.  She is getting better and better at her attempts every day though

Muddy boots, muddy babe

Wet butt and mismatched baby legs

She seen the kitty

Playing in the mud puddle 
Stomping through the puddle with Sarge