Friday, August 12, 2011

19 Months

Lenna turned 19 months this week.  She has been quite busy.  Here is what she has been up to:
  • She is making animal sounds really good.  We ask her "What does the horse say?"  She will respond.  She will do this for a horse, cow, rooster, sheep so far.
  • We have one rooster, his name is Wilson.  When he crows, Lenna will try to respond to him.  Its so cute.  I will have to get this on flip video sometime
  • She is ready to ride with Mom on the horses!  She rode around with Momma and Mya the other night for about half hour.  We just walked around the yard, etc.  We bought Lenna a horse riding helmet today, so if she wants to come with us more, it is safer.  We even bought her own brush to help groom the horses.
  • Long pants were a must around here for a while.  We had some cracked up knees to heal!
  • She is TOUGH!  She got accidentally burnt on the exhaust of the 4 wheeler and shrugged it off like it was nothing, a scratch.  We didn't even notice that it was a burn until an hour later and she was in the tub.  So far it is healing good, but we felt really bad about this one.
  • She loves sidewalk chalk.  She just needs to learn that it is only for the sidewalk (minor details).
  • She is starting to love baths a lot more and not so paranoid about getting water in her ears
  • She is starting to learn 1-2-3 pretty good and will hold up 1 finger if you ask her how old she is (sometimes)
  • When you ask her "What's your name?"  She will try to pronounce her name, Lenna.  It's cute.
I am probably missing out on some things since our little one is so busy.  Thanks for reading everyone!