Monday, July 25, 2011

Long time - No Blog Photo Catch up.

To all of our blog readers - I truly apologize.  I am going to picture overload to tell the story of what Lenna has been  up to this past month.

Lenna and I went to the Mall of America to shop and play while Daddy worked on his job one Saturday

Lenna is very curious and helped out while Grandpa and Daddy were fixing the baler

Grandma Jenny & Grandpa Frank came to visit so we spent the 4th of July in Annandale.  Here is a little bit of time at the lake

Lenna had a playdate with a friend of mine's boys, here she is with Hunter

Lenna with her Godmother Aunte

Lenna enjoying her first Dairy Queen ice cream cone by herself

We have been working with Lenna slowly on the potty.  She has a  potty chair for her baby Stella doll from Manhatten Toy.  Sometimes she decides to have her other toys go potty on the potty and she 'wipes' them with TP.

Lenna sits on the potty every morning and goes potty almost every morning unless she sleeps in.  We work with her randomly throughout the day if we are home too.  So far she is getting the #1 & #2 concept
Another 4th of July outfit and patriotic picture
Lenna enjoys coloring with sidewalk chalk
She still loves her puppy Sarge.