Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Late Easter!

Lenna, Tony and I had a very nice Easter last Sunday.  We started with breakfast in the morning, with Grandpa Lenny.  Then we went on a hunt for her Easter basket.  We then colored some eggs, and after a nap it was off to Grandma Sue's for lunch.  Lenna got another Easter basket and a singing 'chicky'.  It was also Lenna's brother Jordan's birthday so Lenna and Daddy texted him as well - Happy 17th Birthday Jordan!

So what has Lenna been up to lately?  Lots of fun stuff.  She has become a real mover and a shaker.  You ask her "Lenna, is what your eating good?"  Lenna will respond with a nod, "yes".  She also is responding "no" as she feels necessary.

Lenna knows how to say "horsey" much to Mommy's delight.  She stands by the patio door and says horsey.  While Mommy is training her horse Dolly in the round pen, Lenna looks at the fence and laughs at the horsey running around.  She also is already a little helper cowgirl.  Yesterday she was grabbing handfuls of hay and throwing them in the round pen for Dolly to snack on.  Tonight she was jumping up and down trying to "ride" the stuffed horsey that I gave her.  I said to Tony "She loves horses, and I haven't even pushed them on her."  Tony just shrugged and giggled to himself.  So what does that mean????

Lenna can count to two.  She will hold her fingers up one, two as well. 

Lenna is pretty much eating all foods now.  She is learning to use her fork more and more.

Lenna hasn't been potty training but last week we let her run diaper free on the tile floor and we set the potty chair out for Lenna to go potty on it.  What did Lenna do?  She took apart the chair, as always.  Then moments later she sat on the potty seat and pee'd right on the tile floor.  I guess she knows what the potty is for, we just have to wait until she's ready, LOL.

One of the struggles as parents is sometimes getting their babies to go to sleep.  Well, we couldn't ask for any better of a daughter in that sense.  Lenna has always been a good sleeper, and that is one thing we didn't budge on with a habit for our girl.  When it comes to bedtime, now, Lenna will get a little fussy.  Then we will ask her "are you ready for nighty night time?"  Lenna will walk to her room to her crib!!!!

Anyhow, we are happy to have all of our blog readers near and far reading Lenna's blog.
Enjoying digging into her Easter baskets

Of  course it is tough to get a good picture of Lenna and Sarge together now 
Sarge is helping Lenna eat her peeps and jelly beans

Coloring Easter Eggs

Big helper

Coloring easter eggs