Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy (Belated) 9 Month Old Birthday Lenna + Well Baby Check

Last Monday Lenna turned 9 months old.  Wow how time has flown.  She has now been outside of the 'womb' as long as she was in it.  Today we had Lenna's 9 month well baby check.  Lenna had a slight ear infection in her left ear it was a bit red.  That probably explains why she has been waking up at night a little more this week.  She prescribed an antibiotic and everything should be good to go after we are done giving her that.

Here are her stats:
Height:  28 1/2 inches long (82nd %-tile)
Weight:  18 lbs 7 oz (42nd %-tile)
Head Circumference:  45 cm (78th %-tile)

Tony and I took today off to hang with our girl and here are some pictures of her from today:

New Hat with Daddy

Big Smile in her 'skull' Bada$$ baby outfit from Uncle Paully

Such a big girl and showing off her 1 dimple