Sunday, September 19, 2010

Busy Baby

We have had a busy baby lately!  The whole crawling thing was apparently not 'good' enough for Lenna.  She started crawling and then right away was trying to stand up on furniture.  Everyone says she will be walking soon.  I personally feel she can take her time if she chooses.  It is all happening so fast!!!  Of course we helped facilitate things by getting a baby walker for her.  See the short video we uploaded for more details.

If you see my previous blog post, you will see Lenna has gotten a new playground to play on.  It is really nice.  It was her Cousin Allie and LJ's when they were younger.  Then it was passed on to Cousins Josh, Austin & Jordyn.  Now its Lenna's turn.  Although it took a few tries, she seems to love the swing now.  She enjoys playing in the tire and goes down the slide now (with someone catching her as well).

Lenna is an independent girl now!  Last week she decided she didn't want anything to do with Mommy, Daddy or Doreen feeding her with a spoon.  She wants to feed herself.  So we are giving her more table food than baby food in the last week.  It has seemed to work out much better.  She has gotten to try lots of new food as her pediatrician says babies can have all foods but honey.  I am sure she will get to try lots more as Tony and I try to make some different things. 

Lenna also got a new carseat yesterday.  She has hated laying on her back in her infant seat for a while.  Although she isn't quite big enough to move her out of it, we took advantage of a sale at Babies R Us and got two new convertible seats for her.  Mommy got to learn a lot about car seat safety ratings and research in the meantime.  The seat we purchased for her goes rear facing up to 35 lbs, forward facing with the harness until 65 lbs, and it will work forward facing as a booster until she's 100 lbs.  We bought two of them and hopefully they are the last ones we will have to buy for our Lenna.

Lenna is also wearing mostly 12 month clothes now.  Check her out in her Dora the Explorer outfit she wore yesterday when she was trying out her new walker: