Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy 4 Month Old Birthday Little Lenna!

Lenna is 4 months old today!

Mommy had some stomach bug today and was sick :( but luckily for Lenna her Uncle Chumly and Aunt Kelli took her and spoiled her until she had to go to her 4 month well baby appointment. This meant shots. I made Daddy go with and hold her arms this time. It was a cake walk for him because Lenna screamed for less than a minute and was smiling again. Even now that she's home she's happy and playing with Daddy on the floor as I type this.

Here are the stats on Lenna now:
Height: 24 1/4" --> 52nd percentile
Weight: 14 lbs 1 oz --> 62nd percentile
Head Circumference: 42 cm --> 79th percentile

Lenna had 2 shots in her left leg and 1 in the right and 1 oral vaccination. She got pretty band-aids as a present though:

So no one warned me that babies start moving around this fast in life. Lenna is rolling back to front and front to back. Dr. Sunberg commented that her legs were "really strong" when she checked her hips today. Dr. Sunberg also gave the go ahead to start rice cereal and fruits and veggies. Doreen, Lenna's daycare provider said we are going to have it in for us, Lenna will want to crawl soon. She puts Lenna on the floor at daycare to play on her gym and she is all of a sudden across the room. I guess all that tummy time pays off. Look at how she holds herself up!
Lenna also can put her nuk in her mouth herself and take it out if you hand it to her. She is quite the talker and has a nice loud tone of voice like Mommy and Daddy. She also stands with support good and sits up almost unsupported. She doesn't like to be held like a baby and hasn't since she was born -- unless she is feeling tired or after shots so we enjoy those moments.